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We offer a comprehensive service with expert solutions for all your website design, programming and management needs. Your web project is in good hands with our knowledgeable consultants and programmers. Let us help you reach your goals on the web!

Our web consultants will recommend the best technology and web strategies for your goals. We will carefully examine your actual web presence and visibility needs and listen to your requests. We will work with you to determine which strategies are the keys for your projects’ success.

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Our services

  • Design and programming: We know how important it is for you to obtain solutions that match your requirements. This is why our designers and programmers will inform you of your options and assist you throughout the entire project, from design to implementation.

  • Electronic commerce: We will help you navigate the solutions that are available to you, whether you wish to design an entire transaction web site or to set up a shopping cart on an existing site.

  • Content management: Our content management system is one of the most flexible on the market. It provides you with a secure and user-friendly web interface from which to manage your website’s content.

  • Mass emailing:  We offer a mass emailing service for your advertising, customer loyalty programs and other applications (statistical report, registration module, subscription cancellation management, etc.).

  • Data collection system:  Would you like to personalize your marketing approach but need a client database to do so? We can advise you on the solutions and technology you could use to target and segment your campaigns, products and services.

  • Web analytics: Do you want more from your website? L’Empreinte provides analytic services to help you optimize your clients’ experience on your site (website performance assessment, client experience improvement, improved referencing, optimization advice, etc.).