Cross-media marketing

Cross-media marketing involves publishing a message on different media. However, the process is far more complex than implied by this simple description. “Cross-media” does not mean merely creating identical copies of the content on several media. Rather, it is a sophisticated form of communication that requires simultaneously managing, coordinating and scripting content across several print or digital media.

Cross-media marketing creates logical connections across the different types of media, which complement rather than oppose each other. It supports a unified, coherent and rational approach to multiple communication channels or to integration within other automation, workflow or e-commerce systems. Like conventional variable data printing services, cross-media solutions allow variable data to be combined during document creation. This is often used for personalized messages and targeted communications.

One of the strengths of the cross-media approach to communication is that it supports an efficient campaign. Powerful audience analytic tools are often embedded in these solutions, enabling you to track visits to personalized web pages in real time, record email open rates and monitor sales.


  • Segment the campaign according to target audiences.
  • Adapt messages, colours and graphics flexibly.
  • Integrate campaigns with web strategies.
  • Measure results.
  • Achieve more impactful and effective communication strategies.

Our solutions

  • Integration and programming of variable, personalized content for print and digital supports;
  • Mailing management: We manage all of your mailings efficiently and provide the necessary follow-up, from printing to delivery;
  • Barcode/QR code creation;
  • Unique, customized websites, with or without PURL (personal URL);
  • Inserts with personalized, variable content—printed, in newsletters, or online;
  • Preparation and distribution of mailings.


Postes Canada

L’Empreinte is recommended as a Smartmail Marketing Partner by Canada Post for the management and production of print relationship marketing projects and mail distribution.